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Emotional Identification Tools

I am so happy you have found your way to my small corner of the internet. If you follow my podcast, you are familiar with the tools mentioned in Episode 1 of Season Three, which is all about EMOTIONS, IDENTITY, and SELF ESTEEM.

The interactive portion of the episode starts with the resource that I mentioned from The Junto Institute. The EMOTION WHEEL, which I will attach below.

Step 1.) Grab some paper and utensils. Journal or simply write down the emotions that are common for you to feel regularly. Maybe even get creative and add percentages to the amount of time you feel like you spend with certain emotions. I will attach an example below:

Step 2:) Lead with Curiosity: The patterns are meant to identify recurring triggers of the emotions that you experience. This is not to place blame, rather it is meant to ask questions such as:

"I have noticed that my work environment seems to be a recurring stressor for anxiety or confusion. Why might I be feeling this way chronically? Is there too much on my plate? Am I taking on too much? Am I not asking for what I need?"

"I am noticing that my friends are a source of bliss and joy for me, yet I rarely see them? Is this me not prioritizing the importance of their presence in my life?"

"I see a pattern of hopelessness when I think about finances. Am I truly addressing urgent concerns? Do I feel swallowed in debt? Are their resources that could help to support me?"

Step 3.) Ask yourself if there are emotions that you are avoiding.. When we avoid our emotions, we betray our hearts, and this can lead to turmoil and pain.

Chelsea Viñas is a licensed marriage and family therapist and owner of Therapize, a virtual private practice working with women in leadership on impostor syndrome, perfectionism, and trauma.

“When we don’t accept our emotions it could lead to long-term pain, making decisions that aren’t necessarily in our best interest, or externalizing negative feelings. When you don’t accept your emotions, it can make it harder to even accept yourself."

If you are interested in learning more, stay tuned with our podcast, released weekly on Tuesday. Subscribe for regular updates. Here is the direct link:

I wish you luck on your exploration and until next time, I wish you health and happiness.


Anna Marie Boyd


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