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Creative Expression in a Difficult Climate

Our current political climate is causing strife, suffering, harm, and anguish to our people. A million ideas flood our human minds as we struggle to make sense of all of the pieces within our own minds.

Old wounds from our past serve as data in which we attempt to process our emotions, feelings and beliefs. On the International Day of Prayer, I understand that each individual has a unique relationship with their interpretation of what their higher power and spirituality mean.

My notion for this post is to explore your relationship with your own spirituality through the power of the subconscious. Creativity and movement allow us to access realms within ourselves that become confusing with the weight of the world. In my Christian relationship, I believe that the enemy is the author of our confusion.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way offers the notion that "creativity- like the human life itself, begins in darkness." She also asserts that creativity is an act of surrender, rather than control. How we use this darkness to breed creativity and inspiration?

Therefore, when we use our strengths, and creative selves to make sense of our own identity, this can unlock insights that feel inaccessible below the surface.

Whether you are utilizing writing, yoga, literature, or other forms of creativity, I would venture to ask yourself non judgmentally if you are using these tools within your power.

If so, what narrative is your expression helping to author? And if not, what do you feel like is holding you back?

With that, I want to know your thoughts? Help to cultivate this dialogue by sharing in the comments what modalities of creativity and expression you use to cope with the heightened state of our world.

We are in this together. Bound by love. Bound by our humanness. Equipped with power.



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