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Simply Begin
Create, Meditate and Find Purpose

Life is full of seasons, many of which keep us searching for more. Simply Begin explores the psychology of how and why we find ourselves feeling stuck in life. Our brains are hardwired for meaning, connection, and purpose; yet we can often feel held back by the tendency to doubt, overthink and cling to the shame of our past. Anna Valentine will take you on a journey of how to make sense of your story and use it to move confidently into your unique callings. We are set free by the grace of Jesus. Using encouragement and hope, Simply Begin is a journey of self-discovery through compassion and creativity.

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Hope is so much more than wishful thoughts of something you want to happen. Hope is an assurance, a steadfast and most certain anchor in your soul that solidifies the reality that God is your refuge.
Despite all the adversities we face throughout our lives, God is the source of our hope. As you read the pages of this book, you will see firsthand how God brings Hope Alive to every person who is yearning for a reason to go on. Like a broken tree in a dark place is primed for new growth, God can use the rich soil of your dark place to prepare a new life to sprout in you.
You have just been planted! Hope will bloom in your life as you trust in God.
Press through the darkness of your challenging situations as you learn and grow with God. The stories and teachings in this book will empower you to cling to God and His promises, allowing you to spring into the light of hope. You will see the Sonshine of light beckoning as you burst from the same soil that once gripped you and hear God’s voice that will bring Hope Alive to your soul.


Hope Alive

Debilitated to Exhilarated with God

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