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3 Tools for Emotional Regulation that Have Changed My Life

The tricky aspect to a dysregulated nervous system is that most individuals are unaware, me included. Trauma and life experiences all blend together to dictate the state of our nervous system. If you are unfamiliar with the biological processes of the function of the nervous system, I want to point you to a podcast that I released a few years ago.

Our bodies need daily mental, physical and spiritual care to help us restore a sense of balance to our daily operating system. Restoring your nervous system takes time and consistency, as well as compassion that we will often take steps forward and backwards.

Therapy is an incredible resource but is CERTAINLY not the only answer to your healing. You are the answer to your healing, and with the culmination of different tools, I know that you can restore yourself to a place of peace and clarity.

Daily habits create our present reality. I want to share three tools that have helped me immensely with my own personal brain and heart surgery.

1.) The Phone App- Hemi-Sync Flow: This is a phone app that offers classical music, and audio outputs that help your brain to engage certain brain waves that aid in the restoration of your presence. I put this music on while taking walks, doing work, journaling, cooking or cleaning the house and it has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I will include the proper definition below:

Signals act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brain wave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness. The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. Different Hemi-Sync® signals are used to facilitate deep relaxation, focused attention or other desired states. As an analogy, lasers produce focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync

® p

2.) Spending Time Outdoors: This one may seem simple, but the outdoors are a playground to help us practice mindfulness. Not only do daily walks expose us to wind, trees, sunlight, and animals; walking emulates bi-lateral stimulation, which is the mechanism used in EMDR therapy. EMDR is an incredible evidence-based therapy for trauma.

3.) Daily Journaling: Writing is a reflection of our hearts. Sometimes it feels messy to wade through our different emotions and thoughts. Putting them on paper is an incredible reminder of what your brain longs for. We all want to feel seen and heard, and journaling is an effective way to do this for yourself.

I oscillate between blank journals and different prompting journals depending on preference and season. I am personally using Emily Lex's "Living Free and Lightly" which I will include a link to below if you enjoy prompts and visuals.

I hope these tools give you a gateway to explore your own rebalancing and healing. Have patience with yourself along the journey. Have compassion for the moments when you revert to hold habits or reactions. You have chosen to heal. Your body is incredibly smart, and you deserve a life of peace. Love and light my friends. And may the peace of the Lord give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

-Anna Valentine

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