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Curiosity, Creativity, and Staying Inspired

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

Curiosity allows us to embrace empathy and understanding, whether that is ourselves or others. When we are curious about the behavior rather than judgmental, or making our projected assumptions. Spontaneity and creativity allow us a never-ending bank of opportunity.

A well known rule of engaging in improvisation is the notion of "Yes, and...". When we agree to continue the story, the narrative has an opportunity to continue growing. Continue evolving, rather than staying stuck.

Psychological Suffering is all around us. With the global pandemic still forging ahead, the current climate breathes uncertainty, pain, war, death, conflict, and Dis-ease. Our anxious brains can cling like a magnet to all of the destruction of this world.

A secret weapon exists in the present. Have you ever watched a puppy take a walk? They are so involved in every smell. Every flower. Every squirrel. This, my friends, is mindfulness at work. A puppy is not concerned with the events from earlier in the day, what others think about them, or what they are going to do later in the day. They simply exist in the present. The same goes for children.

So this is my challenge, to integrate more playfulness, lightness, and warmth into your everyday experience. I will include some ideas below, and feel free to add to the conversation by writing more in the comments!

Creative Play:

  • Cook something out of things in your pantry

  • Go for a walk without headphones and listen to the sounds of the world

  • Smile- even when unwarranted and see how your mind responds

  • Plan a dream trip to any destination

  • Pet an animal and express gratitude for them

  • Try a writing prompt or author a poem

  • Easy peasy: Read a good book!

  • Call a friend or family member and tell stories about the last time they laughed really hard

  • Write out your dreams and goals

  • Write out your worries and fears and leave them behind

Again these are just a few. What are elements of curiosity, creativity or play that you integrate into your everyday life?!

Love and light,

xoxo-Anna Marie

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